Friday, July 15, 2011


19" x 13"
black and white charcoal pencils (Prismacolor and Derwent)
Windsor & Newton willow charcoal sticks
Canson Light Gray Watercolor Paper
Panpastel blending tools and paper towels used for blending
kneaded eraser

I used to work with Dave at my day job. He rarely spoke, and when he did it was an inaudible mumble. He was something of an office pariah. I always felt a little sorry for Dave. I'd try to connect with him, even on the most basic level, but it was like a line inside him had been cut and there was just dead air on the other end.

I was cleaning up some old files on the computers at work the other day and stumbled upon a picture of him from the office summer picnic a few years ago. Something about the hard sunlight in his eyes and the distant, almost pained expression on his face summed up Dave perfectly (or at least my perception of the Dave I admittedly didn't really know).

So here's to you Dave, wherever you are these days.


    This is so weird.
    I saw him today at the fort orange post office in Albany. He seemed to be moving around better than I remember.

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