Thursday, December 29, 2011

Nickel & Dimed

oil on cradled birch panel
paint: Gamblin Torrit Grey, Rembrandt Titanium White, Gamblin Black Spinel

Winner of Honorable Mention in Gamblin Artists' Colors 2011 Torrit Grey Competition!

What is Torrit Grey? From Gamblin's web site:

"Every spring, Gamblin Artists Colors collects a wealth of pigments from our Torit® Air Filtration system. We filter the air around the areas where we handle dry pigments so that our workers are not exposed to pigment dust. Rather than sending any of our high quality, expensive pigments into the landfill, Gamblin paint makers recycle them into 'Gamblin Torrit Grey.'"

Our Torrit Grey store promotion, which runs each year through the end of April in celebration of Earth Day, not only recycles pigment dust into paint but focuses artists on the importance of recycling, studio and environmental safety. Complimentary 37ml tubes of Torrit Grey are only available while supplies last through your local fine art materials retailer. Last year, we distributed more than 25,000 tubes of Torrit Grey! Limitations are often the greatest creative assets and it is remarkable what artists can achieve with a color palette limited to white, or black and Torrit Grey."

The Torrit Grey Painting Competition, conducted annually in the Fall, attracts more entries every year. In 2011, we received more than 250 submissions from painters willing to take the challenge of making a value based painting using only Torrit Grey and any black or white oil paint. The competition is judged by Robert Gamblin and the winners receive a supply of Gamblin Artists' materials.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Sketch Club - The Movie

Canson Mi-Teintes Paper
Windsor & Newton willow charcoal
General's white chalk

At Monday's Saratoga Sketch Club our model never showed up - so instead of calling the whole thing off we all took turns being the model (clothed, of course). I only brought one piece of paper so the first 2 volunteers were drawn close together in what wound up being a very dramatic composition. Add a little Photoshop work and we get Saratoga Sketch Club - The Movie.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Anastasia (unfinished)

8" x 10"
Windsor & Newton Willow Charcoal

General's Charcoal Pencils
Canson Light Gray Watercolor Paper

My newborn daughter Anastasia Margot Pitkin, born 12/3/11. When this drawing was done she was 2 days old.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I have started posting my drawings from the Saratoga open studio on eBay. They're a steal at under $50. You can follow this link: (click here) or search for seller coreypitkin.

Coming soon: the complete re-design of my website that I've been saying that I'm going to do for the past several months!

Friday, July 15, 2011


19" x 13"
black and white charcoal pencils (Prismacolor and Derwent)
Windsor & Newton willow charcoal sticks
Canson Light Gray Watercolor Paper
Panpastel blending tools and paper towels used for blending
kneaded eraser

I used to work with Dave at my day job. He rarely spoke, and when he did it was an inaudible mumble. He was something of an office pariah. I always felt a little sorry for Dave. I'd try to connect with him, even on the most basic level, but it was like a line inside him had been cut and there was just dead air on the other end.

I was cleaning up some old files on the computers at work the other day and stumbled upon a picture of him from the office summer picnic a few years ago. Something about the hard sunlight in his eyes and the distant, almost pained expression on his face summed up Dave perfectly (or at least my perception of the Dave I admittedly didn't really know).

So here's to you Dave, wherever you are these days.